August 07, 2018

Your child's learning progression is important to us. Read on to find out how we assess and evaluate learning and how we communicate your child's learning and development.

How does Spotted Frog assess and evaluate learning?

There are many ways that we assess and evaluate learning. Documentation is a way for us to demonstrate to you what learning is taking place for your child and allows you opportunities to have involvement in planning and reflections. We also believe that by documenting learning it allows children to revisit their learning.

Learning stories are one of our main approaches to documenting and assessing learning. These are displayed in your child’s portfolio and on

You can also look at wall displays as we make learning visible throughout the centre.

How do you communicate with me about my child’s learning and development?

We like to engage in brief discussions at the end of the sessions, so we can share what your child has done for the day.
We also use:
  • Portfolios
  • Facebook
  • Story Park (electronic portfolios)
  • Newsletters
  • Parent surveys/ questionnaires
  • Planning
  • Photos
  • Open communication between parents and teachers
  • Parent evenings 

An important communication tool we like to use is our Facebook page.
We make regular postings to show all the fun things that we get up to during the day.

There is a permission slip on the enrolment form, where you can give your permission for photos of your child to be used on the page.

Please have a look at our page to get an idea of the things we get up to.